The XSS hunter's secret weapon


Find, report and stay up-to-date on XSS vulnerabilities with BXSSHUNTER, the ultimate tool for professionals.

Blind XSS Detection Made Easy

As a security researcher, you know the importance of detecting blind cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities BXSSHUNTER is the ultimate utility for uncovering these elusive threats. Our powerful tool allows you to easily detect blind XSS vulnerabilities on any website, giving you a distinct advantage in the ongoing battle against cyber criminals.

But BXSSHUNTER is more than just a detection tool, it also streamlines the reporting process. With its ability to generate professional markdown reports, submitting to top bug bounty programs such as HackerOne and Bugcrowd becomes a breeze. And by hosting your payload remotely using a secure *.bxss.in URL, you can track and analyze the pages where your payload has been executed with ease.

Don't let blind XSS vulnerabilities go undetected any longer. Trust BXSSHUNTER to keep your digital assets secure and try it today!"


ALL Features

A deceptively simple tool with all the necessary features for professional XSS hunting and reporting

XSS Hunter

Discover cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities using BXSSHUNTER.

Pro XSS Reports

Easily create a markdown report for submission to professional bug bounty platforms such as HackerOne and Bugcrowd.

XSS Payload Tracking

Capture the pages where your XSS payload has been executed for further analysis and reporting.

Remote Payloads

Host your payload remotely using a professional *.bxss.in URL.

XSS Learning Hub

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry XSS tips shared by Twitter and BXSSHunter users.

Instant XSS Alerts

Receive instant notifications on Slack, Discord, and email when a Blind XSS is triggered.

XSS Pro Profile

Create a public profile page to showcase your skills as an XSS hunter and the tips you've shared to the industry.

BXSS Hunter Evolution: What's in Store for Users ?

XSS Learning Hub Enhanced
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge from experienced XSS users
  • Community of like-minded individuals dedicated to improving their skills
  • Learn from tips posted by other users
  • Access to Labs to practice
  • Videos to watch and learn
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in XSS
  • Find answers to any questions
  • Upcoming update includes everything needed to become an XSS pro in no time.
XSS Pro Profile (Leaderboard)
  • Climb the ranks and showcase your profile on the XSS Pro Profile Leadboard
  • Compare performance against other XSS pros in the community
  • Showcase skills and accomplishments to the world
  • Transparent and fair leadboard design
  • Know exactly how you're performing and what you need to do to improve ranking
  • Show off ranking to potential employers, clients, or colleagues
  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the field of XSS
  • Take your XSS skills to the next level and be recognized as one of the top XSS pros
The XSS Hunter Chrome Extension!
  • Easily inject Blind XSS payloads with just a click of a button
  • Seamless integration with BXSS Hunter account
  • Chrome Extension makes the process of hunting for XSS vulnerabilities effortless and efficient
  • No more manual injection, let the extension do the work for you
  • Quickly and easily identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Report vulnerabilities to BXSS Hunter account
  • Streamline your XSS hunting process and take your skills to the next level
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